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MP's will be getting a great big expenses included pay rise.

You are all sheep, to be fleeced by vile and disgusting parasites called MP's.

MP's should be handed a pay rise and have an allowance to kit out their second homes, an Sheffield MP has controversially claimed.

Sheffield Heeley MP Meg Munn said pay should be increased to "reflect the need to have two homes" and called for a set-up allowance to allow new MPs to furnish second homes. She said: "It cannot be right that MPs whose background is one of limited unable to buy a bed or chair."

Well get her, the need to have two homes. Well maybe she should take that up with the many folk who have thanks to losing their jobs found themselves with no home what so ever. I am sure they would advise her to garrotte herself with some rusty wire.

Many millions travel vast distances and have to cover their own costs without the empoyer paying for them to have a second home.

Ms Munn is one of a number of MPs who have made submissions to an inquiry into the discredited MPs' expenses system which call for a salary increase.

The Star reported last week that Sheffield Brightside MP David Blunkett told the Committee on Standards in Public Life it was time to "bite the bullet" and increase MPs' £64,766 salary.

Ms Munn's evidence opposed the suggestion of allowing MPs to claim only for rental payments, insisting subsidising mortgage interest payments was "often the cheapest option for public money".

She added: "An alternative suggestion, which I would support, is that the pay of MPs should be increased to reflect the need to have two homes.

"This would ensure the amount is taxable and would leave individual MPs to make arrangements that best suit them.

"It would also do away with a layer of bureaucracy in the House of Commons Fees Office.

"Barnsley Central MP Eric Illsley called for an "enhanced salary" or a flat rate allowance, saying replacing the controversial second home allowance with a "substantial" pay rise would "require a courageous and sensible government"

Barnsley West and Penistone MP Michael Clapham urged the committee to tighten up the rules on MPs having second jobs, saying the register of interests is "too vague"

Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg said MPs should no longer be allowed to own homes subsidised by the taxpayer and should have second home claims restricted to rental agreements, hotel costs, utility bills and council tax.

Rother Valley MP Kevin Barron said the issue of MPs' pay was a "major problem", adding: "I agree it would be possible, but I suspect impractical, to increase the level of basic pay to form part of simplifying current arrangements."
**Right now what we see there, is despite all the graft, all the theft, sticking their greedy paws into everything from having sodding duck islands through to porn films and bathplugs; they want ever more.

Seriously compare and contrast a married couple out of work on JSA, who have lost their jobs thanks to Gordon & co and excluding housing costs; get just over £200 per fortnight. Out of that they have to pay all the utility bills, get food, travel etc etc etc.

Yet a backbench MP clears £64 grand, oh and all the utility bills get claimed back. Travel claimed back, food claimed back, even down to the telly license.

Not only that but if cunts like Meg get their way we will pay for them to help themselves to second homes at our expense.

So here are Megs expenses, do take 5 mins to have a look.

As for Eric Illsey, here are his expenses(AVA pdf) - £400 a month on food, well he is a fat cunt. £150 a month cleaning, a fat lazy cunt who charges us for cleaning up his shit. £190 a month on utilities, a grafting fat lazy cunt. Even down to his council tax, after all thats just for the poor taxpayers to pay, not fat useless, grafting, lazy cunts like Eric Illsey; the cunt.

Then we have Michael Clapham another time serving, vote for any old shyte Gordon sticks under his nose MP. Lets have a look at what this grasping cunt has been claiming.
The former miner also claimed £19.97 on the office budget - or incidental expenditure provision (IEP) - for an iron from Asda and £64.93 for a dinner service, plates and mugs from Next in the Meadowhall shopping centre near Rotherham. He also claimed glasses for his wife.
Oh I nearly missed Kevin Barron, a free holiday grasping cunt of an MP.
...And at least two of the MPs, including the Labour committee chairman Kevin Barron, stayed on for a holiday at the end of the official programme last Thursday.
He also claims utilities on his expenses, as well as council tax.

Lastly Nick Clegg, a grasping hoon of an MP who attempts to show himself as a saint.
Within six months of being elected to Parliament in 2005, Mr Clegg bought a house in his constituency and began charging monthly interest repayments of £1,018 on the £279,000 mortgage on his expenses.

He also submitted the stamp duty, land registry and legal costs, totalling £9,244.50.
Over the following months, he fitted the house with a £2,600 kitchen, and had £5,857.63 worth of decorating done.
He claimed for carpets, a laminate floor, tiling and sanding, curtains, blinds, curtain rails and repairs to a garage door.
Cunts one an all, vote each an every one of these scum out on election day. I do hope that each and every one of them dies screaming in agony, rotting slowly away from cancer.

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