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The New Labour spy state.

So much for the so called reform of spying rules by New Labour:
  • The number of Big Brother snooping missions by police, town halls and other public bodies has soared by 44 per cent in two years.
  • An average of 1381 cases of the state watching people every single day.
  • 504,073 new cases last year.
  • 653 state bodies - including 474 local councils have the power to use Ripa to spy on members of the public.
  • If you have done nothing wrong, you have no legal right to know that you were spyed upon.
  • A 44% increase in cases between 2006-2008.
  • The Home Office argues there is a case to go even further granting the agencies the right to snoop on e-mail and listen to our calls.
Forget the former East Germany, forget the Soviet Union or some moderately repressive toilet in the Middle East: for a paranoid, jobsworth culture, petty and bloody minded state that distrusts the very public who fund their champagne swilling lifestyle look no further than New Labour here in the UK.

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