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Shahid Malik - Blames everyone else.

First up the words of MP Shahid Malik.
"You speak to any Muslim on the street anywhere in this country and they will say they are as opposed as you and I are to extremism, to terrorism, but the frustration is that they are constantly linked with terrorism as a community as a whole," said Shahid Malik, the Dewsbury MP and minister for cohesion.

"We cannot dismiss or underestimate the threat from the far right. There are white areas which are severely neglected. What we want to do is engage in those white communities to make sure that they are listened to, they feel they are respected."
Gosh, really. So all those nice moslems are opposed to terrorism are they. 9/11, Richard Reid the shoe bomber, Omar Bakri, Abu Hamza and just so many more muslims. Must just be one bad egg after another.

As for the threat from the right, what about the threat from the boot boys of the UAF? Mr Malik seems very quiet on that? Or the attack on citizens of this land by the barbarian hordes of Islam?

Like this:
"It was chaos," said Hannah Taylor, 24, from London. "I had only come up to do a bit of shopping, and found myself in the middle of a full-blown riot. People with small children were running into shops for cover. The whole city centre just descended into some kind of war zone."
Still this is Malik, or as I call him the Ali Baba of MP's. A man who voted with New Labour against letting the Gurkhas settle.

This is Malik who claimed extra on his council tax. An error he claimed, the sort of error that little folk like us end up having a chat with the police about!

This is Malik who attacked the growing culture of hostility against Muslims in the United Kingdom, saying that many feel targeted like "the Jews of Europe". Link to that comment.

Then again we had this from the Telegraph:
Shahid Malik claimed £66,000 on his second property while paying less than £100 a week for his main house. He has resigned as justice minister pending an investigation.

But of course he was gone, but not for long as The Mail reports:

A Labour minister who was forced to resign over his expenses will return to the Government in the reshuffle.

Shahid Malik will be back on the Government payroll weeks after stepping down while Parliament's sleaze watchdog investigated his living costs.

Government sources said Mr Malik has been cleared of any wrongdoing but will repay £730 of taxpayers' money which he blew on a massage chair.

His second home claims have included £2,600 for a home cinema system — which was cut in half by officials — and £65 for a court summons for not paying council tax.

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