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Smug cunt John Bercow spends £20,000 of your money on expenses.

Pic from Tory Bear.
Now not so long ago pressure from an irate public forced out the pig Michael Martin, now we have the pig John Bercow: BBC Pravda reports:

John Bercow has ordered a £20,000 refurbishment of the Speaker's official grace-and-favour flat in the Palace of Westminster, it has been reported.

Items ordered by the new Speaker, elected after Michael Martin stepped down amid the expenses row, include a £6,764 sofa suite, the Telegraph said.

Some changes make the flat child-friendly, such as fitting window locks and turning a study into a playroom.

The Telegraph reported it had seen the document detailing the changes to be made, including £6,764.30 on a new sofa suite, £760 on a window seat cushions, £3,600 on window locks, £90.95 on mattresses and sheets and £275 on eight lampshades.

Other costs include £3,880 on planters to make the terrace more child friendly and £1,087 on decorating a study to turn it into a playroom.

All no doubt within the rules, yet this fucker shows he is just as bad as the last fat bloated pig to hold the post of Speaker. Do we need a playroom for the Speaker?

Bercow has overseen the "reform" that means MP's can steal even more money without sticking in a receipt. Plus the sneaky champagne socialist in Tory clothing also refused to say how much he was earning.

But lets not forget this is a man who thinks that MP's should be paid £100,000 a year. Never mind their huge holidays, pensions and often piss poor service to this land. Truly what an insufferable little twat Bercow is.

There will be even more sleaze and theft on Bercows watch than under the previous pig to hold that post.

I knew Bercow was going to be a bad choice the moment the Rt. Hon. wankers Paul "The taxpayers paid for my house to be done up" Flynn and Tom Harris started crowing about how good he was.

It would appear by this that shit does indeed attracts shit.

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