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Chris Hawkey authoritarian bellend.

Oh give me strength, yet another puritanical know it all fucking expert from the medical profession getting a boner for more rules on the demon booze.

No surprise it's in the Grauniad and making out that alcohol is worse than cigarettes.
Curbs on ads will have to be accompanied by restrictions on sponsorship and opening hours, minimum unit pricing, and a re-evaluation of the delusion that under-age drinking around the family table encourages responsible drinking. I would argue that every health district requires a named individual responsible for local awareness, early detection and effective support and treatment.
Look its quite simple, you can not legislate for stupidity and/or peoples behaviour. Stop taxing us for the faults of the alco pop chavscum on sink estates, we should not be punished for the behaviour of a small number of people.

What is missed that that for every drunk in the hosital A&E, millions of people go out, have a good time, create no trouble what so ever, do not get arrested, do not wee over war memorials or otherwise end up sleeping it off in the cells in the loving arms of the constabulary. They don't cause any damage, break any laws or end up with any fines/asbo's etc.

That however does the fake charity industry any good, like Alcohol Concern that gets most of its money from the taxpayers; far better to bleat on about units that have no basis in science, far better to feed a constant drip of half baked fear stories and half truths.

Millions of folk suffering no ill effects what so ever doesn't make a lurid tale in The Grauniad.

What a daft illiberal cock Chris Hawkey is.

2 people have spoken:

Curmudgeon said...

No doubt that "named individual" should be entitled the local Gauleiter...

banned said...

Methinks that many vino quaffing Guadianistas will react negatively to this, unless they think that it won't apply to them.