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All women shortlists, a quick argument against: Jessica "rubber stamp" Morden.

I see there is much talk about all women shortlists and all the three main parties seem to be falling over themselves to show their support for the female vote.

Yes true we need more women in politics, but and this is word of caution in order to get an woman MP by using shortlists, you might run the risk of putting in a second rate MP who provides a very poor service for the voters.

A case in point is that of Jessica "rubber stamp" Morden, a New Labour nodding donkey that would happily sign any old shit that the government put in front of her. As my late gran would say, "She has shit for brains".

A rubber stamp MP who aside from producing babies whilst in her role of MP and leaving half of Newport without an MP whilst she was office on maternity leave. She has had 2 children since taking up her post, I guess there is a joke about popping things into dispatch boxes there but I am not going there....(opps!)

She issues soundbite comment on the BBC website on the subject of a council tax discount for the troops.

Jessica Morden, said it was a matter of "common decency" that that the issue be sorted out.

Yes, I am sure it is, so nice to see that you are now waving the flag supporting our troops Jess. Although can I ask why you voted with all these other vile pieces of human shit, sorry elected MP's who tried to stop Gurkha's from settling here in the UK? Double standards anyone?

Oh and she loves to waste your cash on expenses.

The sort of MP who can bleat on about post office closures and then vote to close them!

She was the woman in charge of the purge of Comrade Ron Davies, yes him of the looking for badgers fame. She got rid of him for the party, then picked up her 30 pieces of silver by being foisted onto the good people of Newport as Labour candidate.

Do check her voting record out, she has never, not once, ever voted against her party.

See also Jessica fails to do anything on the pub crisis.

2 people have spoken:

TheBigYin said...

Is there a short list for me?

I drink

I smoke

I like wimmin'

I'm in the largest of minorities in this land and want shortlisted?? Please, pretty please.

(Just thinking of the money honey!)

Fidothedog said...

Yin, if you were a black lesbian single parent living in a tower block then yes, alas no.