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Panorama - Pointless.

Panorama used to be a very good program, sadly it has sunk to little more than a shock horror Jeremy Kyle style bear baiting program. Although in this case I suppose Asian baiting might be a more apt term.

They set out to state the bleedin obvious, that if you put people who are different in a sink estate that they will be abused.

In this case it was to show that racism is still alive and well in the UK. Now they could have done this to prove that gay bashing was still alive and well, picking on the disabled, a case of (insert group here) and they will be picked on.

Seriously, every town and city has areas like that, small chav filled slum ghetto's, filled with single parents, the derelicts, the workshy and a majority who are sadly stuck there and have seen their estate sink into the mess it is today.

They chose Bristol, but could easily have picked my home city of Newport. It has its sink areas, places that have for a whole range of reasons have sulk to rival some third world deprived toilet nation in miniature. Where the citizens lock their doors when it gets dark and if something happens make yet another call to the police and hope they turn up; or as is more common ignore it as they know should the gangs see them stand up they will be seen as grasses or as someone to picked on without let up or mercy when the plod have gone.

It would have been a far better program had Panorama, done an exposure of the feral underclass who despite being funded by the state show utter contempt of its laws and rules. Now that is not to say that all on those estates are bad people, indeed it is a small minority who cause the problems.

There was a point in the program when some feral scrotum attempted to rob the asian woman and was told by one of the residents to clear off in no uncertain terms. Good on him for doing so and I am sure that that small vile scrote he told off will be in and out of the justice system for decades to come.

Panorama needs to improve its standards, yes there is racism and without meaning to belittle that; it is however just a part of the bigger problem on these estates.

But then tackling that might take a better program maker than the one Panorama had, it will certainly take better politicians than either Newport or Bristol has.

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banned said...

I agree, it was not so much 'racism' rather 'otherism' because folk trapped on estates like cannot stand the idea of their neighbour being 'other' and perhaps better than they are.

Scroteboys Mum was on BBC Radio 4 yesterday saying what a little Angel he is really and how he " wanted " to apologise to the Asian lady in person.