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Aviva cunt weasels.

All that money re branding from Norwich Union and in one easy go, they flush their name and reputation right down the crapper.

When Michelle Barber's home was set ablaze by her estranged husband, she lost everything she owned.

Thanks to a £241,000 insurance payout, she was able to rebuild her bungalow and her life.

But now her insurer is demanding she repay the money because she failed to declare a minor offence - a £150 fine in 2002 for overpayment of benefits.

The police were never involved but the insurance company, Aviva, claims it would never have offered her cover had it known.

Now Miss Barber faces the heartbreaking prospect of losing her home for a second time.

'I lost everything once,' she said yesterday. 'Now I could end up with nothing to leave my kids.'

Campaigners warn that millions with convictions or cautions could find themselves in the same position....
Good move Aviva, I can hear the company reputation exiting down the toilet bowl and customers calling up to cancel policies.

4 people have spoken:

Thatsnews said...

Would Norwich Union have done the same thing? I doubt it.

banned said...

If Aviva are saying they would never have offered insurance for anyone with the slightest record of imperection they soon won't have much of a business.

Fidothedog said...

If they have any sense they will backtrack on this very quickly.

Jayce Kay said...

Ahhhh good old Norwich Union!

From previous historical stories as not paying out on the Shergar claim and brilliant commercial decisions such as moving a significant portion of your motor claims department to non-EU countries with "advisors" that have at best minimal working knowledge of The Road Traffic Act and even less of English Law.

Anyone that signs an insurance proposal with Aviva/Norwich Union deserves every gram of misery that they will inevitably inflict on themselves.

Such fond memories of dealing with them on a near daily basis.

I hope they hold firm in there position and the aggrieved policyholder takes this all the way to the Ombudsman.