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Climate change bullshit.

The piss poor "advert" can be found here and there is a petition asking McSnotty to ditch it.

The government's latest TV advertisement on climate change is pure propaganda designed to frighten our children. Showing kids a puppy drowning in the centre of what looks like a British town is beyond fiction. It shows a weakness of argument for a government to have resort to fear to bring the public "in line". This advertisement should be pulled immediately.

In the current economic climate, surely the government can find something better to spend six million pounds of taxpayer’s money on.

One worth signing, even if the pill popping, howling at the moon mad as a box of snakes PM ignores the most popular petition asking him in a very nice way to piss off an take his glass eye with him.

You can also complain to the ASA, here is the complaint form. I have just done exactly that, explaining that it is aimed at children, aimed to scare them and that the argument on alleged global warming is far from over.

Hat tip to Prodicus for the ASA link.

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banned said...

CO2 propaganda ad rebutal


Fidothedog said...

Will post that one later on.