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MP's angry that cuts to 2nd home allowance will have them traveling with the plebs.

The grafting shiftless wankers that are our elected MP's are complaining about having their perks reduced,
MPs have reacted furiously to plans for a historic crackdown on the Westminster gravy train that will strip them of £20,000 a year in expenses.

They have branded sleaze watchdog Sir Christopher Kelly's proposals to bar MPs who live less than an hour by train from London from claiming a penny in second home allowances 'ludicrous'.

Critics claim the move would mean MPs being forced to commute in the middle of the night, given the sitting hours in the House of Commons.

Under the radical proposals, all other MPs will lose the right to claim mortgage interest on second homes, forcing them into rented accommodation.

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner will also order MPs to sack any relatives they employ.
However, MPs who 'flipped' their second homes in order to maximise their claims will escape punishment in the expenses review.

Some MPs have said the plans, to be formally unveiled next Wednesday, will 'cause a riot'.

Labour MP Sir Stuart Bell(end), who sits on the Members Estimate Committee, said today that banning MPs within commuting distance of claiming for a second home was 'totally unacceptable'.

Oh dear, the poor MP's might have to travel on the piss smelling tube along with the great unwashed public. That would be the same plebs and proles who's taxes pay for all the MP's perks, who do not get huge expenses that allow them to buy a 2nd home.

I have mentioned Sir Bellend and other self indulgent elected scum like Ann Widicunt before.

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Anonymous said...

If they didn't have 5 months holiday a year they could work reasonable hours and be finished in time to get the bus or the tube. Or they could buy a car, or stay with friends. There are a wide range of options open to them. If they don't like the conditions thay can always piss off and get another job. If that's all they worry about it would be best if they did. And as for a riot, well I'm sure that the police who dealt with the G20 protestors and rioters and killed and beat a couple of people in the process will gladly give them a taste of some of that.

Pratts. I think they probably are under the impression that we give a shit. ha ha. As if.