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David Wilshire another grafting, sleazy MP.(post 2)

Ye Gods, as if ripping off the taxpayers of this land were bad enough, this daft bastard has decided to rub our noses in the proverbial by having a whine about how hard done by he is.

Yes this snout in our wallets pig has the nerve to complain to journalists that he was "dangerously close" to breaching the minimum hourly rate because of his long hours and lousy salary.

Really? Lets break this down then shall we:
  • As a backbench MP he clears £64 grand a year, not a bad wage an well above minimum wage.
  • He gets over 80 paid days holiday a year
  • Then the House of Commons sits for 143 days a year.
  • Oh an a huge gold plated, index linked pension at the end of it. 
  • Then as an MP when he leaves he will get a pay off as well.
  • Plus we have the perks, £400 a month food allowance, claiming back utilities like electric off the taxpayer, free travel, trips abroad and the cushy 2nd home allowance.
As someone who has - thanks to Labour fucking up the economy - seen the company he worked for close up and bugger off abroad; leading to me taking minimum wage agency work to pay the ever rising bills that this vile cunt claims back off taxpayers like me.

I had to pay my train fare each day, sit in a piss smelling carrage shoved in like sodding veal calf's in a cattle truck. No travelling free in 1st class travel paid for by the taxpayer for me, oh no.

No free meals in a subsidized cafe in the House of Commons for me, or sitting down in a subsidized bar drinking for hours for me.

Instead I have had to juggle fucking bills, decide which ones to pay and which ones to leave this month due to lack of cash.

As for hours, I have had to do overtime an lots of it, just to bring my wage up to an acceptable level - IE enough to pay the electric, telly, cable, council tax and every other sodding bill. All of which scum like Wiltshire claim back.

Then I get a bastard like David cunting Wiltshire claiming he is nearly on the minimum wage.

He has never - like I have - worked for an agency only to get the call that the company no longer needs us and thanks for all the work chaps, but you need to find another job on Monday.

Oh I do wish the irate votes lynch this tosser and hang him from a lampost, although before that day, I would like him first to see all his ill gotten gains seized under proceeds of crime, to see him homeless and destitute and thrown into prison; and whilst a guest of Her Majesty penal system he spends each night being buggered senseless by lags on the wing, to wake up each day looking and feeling as if he has been fucked by a sperm whale.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

The minimum wage for a man of his age is £5.80

He 'earns' £64,000 a year

At the minimum wage to earn this he would have to work 11034 hours a year or 212 hours a week.

There are 168 hours in a week.

He's either a Time Lord or another greed lying MP

Fidothedog said...

Anon, this fucker is a typical example of the political class. So self involved they can not even see that they cause offence.