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Moslem fucknut Anjem calls on HM the Queen to convert to the death cult of Islam.

hat tip to Dazed & Confused for the pic.
The Sun has the story on this vile moslem barbarian.

HATE preacher Anjem Choudary sparked fury yesterday after calling for the Queen to become Muslim.

He demanded an Islamic revolution across Britain.

Choudary, 42, said Her Majesty - head of the Church of England - should convert to ensure her place in paradise.

He also wants to see senior members of the Government switching faiths. Choudary, a key henchman of rabble rousing cleric Omar Bakri, said: "We invite everyone from the Queen, to the ministers, to the Parliament, to the aristocracy, to the ordinary person in Britain to embrace Islam...

Yes I am sure all the people of the UK will want to be flogged for having a beer, whipped for wearing make up or killed for acts of homosexuality. I am sure Peter Mandelson will be leaving the country as soon as Sharia law comes in.

Oh and women don't even think of speaking out as a husband under Sharia owns his wife, is entitled to beat them and his word before a Sharia court is worth far more than a woman's. So all the rights and advances in suffrage over the last 100+ years will be thrown away as the UK women are reduced to chattels unable to voice their views, seen only as property of menfolk.

Thankfully Anjem is a radical fucknut, the Islamic version of a white power skinhead bootboy and regarded as a nutter by the majority of moslems.

Somehow I can't really picture HM the Queen donning the burkha and hajab and walking four paces behind Prince Phillip.

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