The National Debt Clock.

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This made me laugh, understatement of the day.

Some economist on the telly - sorry missed the chaps name - described our national debt as "large".

A bit like describing Mt Everest as a slight hill.

Thanks to Gordon and his lunatic mates its growing at over £6000 quid a second. Public sector net borrowing rose to £14.8 billion in September, the highest ever level of borrowing on record for the month, increasing from £8.7 billion a year ago. That's £493 million a day, £20 million an hour or as I said over £6000 quid a second.

Listen very carefully and you can hear the sound of your nations future being pissed up against the wall...

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Dungeekin said...

I worked out the numbers back around Budget Day, and put the sums in a little song. . .

"Whenever life gets you down, Mr Brown, and things seem hard or tough,

When your advisers are stupid, obnoxious or daft,

And you fell that you've had quite enoooooouuuuggggghhhh....

Just imagine that you're watching this Government imploding,
And wasting eighteen million pounds an hour,
Debt rising at five thousand pounds a second, so it's reckoned,
As Gordon tries and fails to stay in power,
The debt for you and me, and everyone that you can see
Goes up at seven hundred pounds a day,
And it makes you really think, at eighteen million pounds an hour
Just how much cash New Labour's thrown away!

And just to bail the banks out cost two hundred billion pounds,
Our money thrown and wasted far and wide,
And Brown and Darling both must be spectacularly thick,
If they believe the voters can't see how they've lied,
Six billion pounds of tax on all high earners ain't the point,
When you borrow half a trillion in three years,
If we don't stop all the spending of billions and billions,
Then our fiscal situation just gets worse!

The National Debt itself keeps on expanding and expanding,
To levels that scare most economists,
As high as it can go - two trillion pounds you know,
Three hundred grand a minute, New Labour really took the piss,
So remember when your savings look unsafe and insecure,
That Labour taxed us all for all we're worth,
And pray they'll be some sense on the next Tory Budget Day,
There's been bugger all from this bunch of berks!

Fidothedog said...

Like it, an scarily an accurate account of what that strange eyebrow/hair combo Chancellor and Cyclops are doing to the UK.

Oldrightie said...

The really scary thing is no one seems to give a fuck. Corrie rules, end of!

Fidothedog said...

Yep, bread and circuses, or in our case JSA payments every two weeks.