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Patrick Stewart: Fuck off and make it so.

Ah Patrick, you lovie champagne socialist, you think its all jolly good fun to support New Labour do you. Well yes like many in the media, you can avoid the poverty they have imposed on the majority, the huge taxes, the restrictions on our freedoms and well all that annoying stuff that affects us poor folk.

Yes, you can offer support to an amoral party that has lost touch with the working person and their interests, take part in their petty propaganda on some Euro party no one here in the UK really gives a toss about.

Well you are in fine company with the anti-white racist Jo Brand, pro labour cock muncher Stephen Fry (who I abused previously here) and the nutters from the unions.

Still as one of the elite Patrick, you can afford to avoid the dole lines, the vast numbers who's lives have been ruined by the party you support.

So do be a good Thespian an to paraphrase your own words: "Fuck off and make it so."

New Labour whores, sell outs and shrills bleat about some chaps in Europe. Patrick Stewart, what a fucking cunt.

5 people have spoken:

Dazed And Confused said...

Nice to see that the utterly dire Jo Brand, was also involved in this attack. With New Labour filth, it seems that you can be: Talentless, pointless, useless and unfunny, and have an everlasting career at the BBC. Just as long as your politically correct to the point of Nausea, And Speak In The Language Of New Labour Scum

Fidothedog said...

Maybe someone should explain to Jo Brand the terms used by blacks and Asians to describe the whites?.


Hang Jean Luc up by his Klingons...

banned said...

He never was as good as Captain Kirk; NuLabour, NuStar Trek, NuWanker.

Houdini said...

Patrick Stewart wraps himself in his roots like a cloak. He does this so as he can say...look how good I have done, amn't I brilliant? Typical fair for Champagne Socialists and he is certainly one.