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Lord Amstrad of E-Mailer: Alan Sugar shows he is a cock.

Well the knives are out for Lord Amstrad: First up the Federation of Small Businesses think he is a bit of a cock over his remarks about small companies unable to get money from the banks.

The Apprentice star dismissed bosses of struggling small businesses as ‘moaners’ who ‘live in Disney World’, during his address to a conference in Manchester.

Lord Sugar, who was appointed to his government post earlier this year, claimed just 15% of companies which were refused bank loans had reason to complain.

His comments will embarrass ministers who have urged banks to loosen their purse strings and lend more to smaller firms.

The plain-speaking Amstrad founder said: “I can honestly say a lot of problems you hear from people who are moaning are from companies I wouldn't lend a penny to.

Now Lord Amstrad has told the BBC that all is fine and that we are not in recession at all. Has he been helping himself to Gordon's happy pills?

He shows himself to be a bit of a cock again with this comment: "Can't we get off this recession kick once and for all? I don't think we're in one now, ok?"

Lord Amstrad said there had been "too much moaning" about the economy and urged a "few more positive stories".

Curse all those people daring to moan about losing their homes, seeing their companies collapse and having to go and sign on at the jobcentre.

The tycoon was appointed as an unpaid "enterprise tsar" earlier this year as well as being made a peer and in a coincidence unrelated to his donations to Labour, he also landed a rather cushy contract selling PC's to HM Govt. Oh and he was made a peer, not that there is any connection what so ever, honest guv'.

Not a bad year for Lord Amstrad, just a shame the rest of us are not doing so well...

2 people have spoken:

John A Thomson said...

Time for him to go! I'm just glad I never found "The Apprentice" appealing and have refused to watch the meaningless tasks and character assassination from AMS!

Fidothedog said...

Yes he should go. I started to hate him when I worked in a telecoms call centre an everyone was buying those crap Amstrad E-mailer devices.

They used to call a premium rate number to do software updates, oh it was great fun explaining to customers that their machine was costing them a packet.