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MP Austin Mitchell, claims losing his fancy perks will castrate Parliament...

Oh you mean perks like this?
Mr Mitchell, 74, submitted receipts in support of his food claims that included a 67p packet of Ginger Crinkle biscuits, Branston pickle at 68p and a bottle of Laphroaig malt whisky at £22.99.

In 2007, Mr Mitchell also claimed £2,938 for interior redecoration of his second home and £1,200 for re-upholstering sofas.

In the 2004/05 financial year he submitted a series of supermarket receipts in support of his food claims, including one from Sainsbury’s in Grimsby on April 2 that listed the Ginger Crinkles. Other receipts included bottles of wine, flowers at £3.99, 16p on “lemons” and another 16p on aspirin.

In his claim for Dec 2006, the veteran backbencher submitted a bill for “security shutters” at his second home in London but an official wrote back on Jan 12 to say that the claim “does not fall within the remit of the allowance”.

Ten days later, Mr Mitchell’s wife telephoned the fees office to query the decision. Strangely enough, whilst he could go to the effort and get his wife on the phone to try an sort out his expenses, Mr Mitchell was absent on the Gurkha vote on allowing them to settle here in the UK. In his bizarre world, shutter expenses are vital whilst turning up for an important vote on matters military....fuck em'.

But when not being the classic champagne socialist, Mitchel wastes his time signing EDM's supporting Che the mass murdering homophobic lunatic.

Lastly, Mitchell is paid £64 grand a year to piss about in The Commons, he also claims all his utilities back off of the taxpayers(including council tax, gas and electric etc), if he is unable to balance his books and do his job on that wage he should consider resigning his job for someone more able.

Remember the average MP pays less in tax in real terms than a worker on £200 quid a week who can not claim £1210 pounds back for replacement wardrobes as Mr Mitchell did in April 07.

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