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Lord Amstrad of E-Mailer: Your all moaning bastards.

Lord Amstrad, one Alan Sugar the man appointed Enterprise Czar by unelected PM McSnotty has told hard working business folk that their all living in Disney World and that just 15 per cent of businesses turned down for bank loans had anything to complain about.

Not that Sir Alan needs to go cap in hand to the state funded banks for 2 an sixpence to keep his business going, after all after taking a peerage and landing a job working for PM Cyclops. In a remarkable stroke of luck and nothing what so ever to do with brown envelopes containing lots of cash, honest guv' or helping their cronies; Alan's company landed a large government contract for supplying PC's.

Then Al shows his value for money by setting up a taxpayer funded advertising campaign for apprentices that cost us over £4500 quid for each one hired.

Not that there are any connections between these events as this well principled Government would in no way ever offer peerages for perks or large wedges of cash, oh hang on...

Sir Alan has put previous differences behind them, like when Alan slagged off Gordon back in 1992 for accusing him of making a profit from the previous recession. He said of Gordon Brown:
"I have noted with disgust the comments of a certain Mr Gordon Brown who has accused me of doing well out of the recession...
...I do not know who Mr Gordon Brown is...Whoever he is, he has not done his home work properly."

Still nothing like a peerage to smooth the waters along with a nice contract, as well as lots of mutual free publicity for himself and Labour into the bargain.  Also none of Alan's luck has anything to do with donating money to Labour. Its all down to business skill, right Alan?

So all you business folk, pay your taxes, doff your caps to the hard working bank manager and take on board the all knowing wisdom of Lord Amstrad of E-Mailer.

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INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Yess indddedee. That's not in the sychoprentice is it? Nor is the making sure you are in a criminal syndicate BTW. Nor is the gangsterism hidden in the shadows. Nor is the being born into the larcenous bloodlines either.

Business ain't business anymore, those days have long gone. Just as there hasn't been a free market for hundreds of years anywhere.