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Douglas Alexander moral cretin.

Douglas Alexander, the first cabinet minister to visit India's poorest state, Bihar, said that despite "real strides in economic growth" there were still 828 million people living on less than $2 a day in India.

So he is happy that we are spending £825 million on aid to India. Most of which will be ending up in the Swiss and off shore bank accounts of corrupt officials.

Not a thought in Douglas's socialist brain about helping our own people out, I guess the concept of charity begins at home is racist and evil to him.
If India was that concerned about their own people they would spend the money rather than building rockets and nuclear missiles. Douglas also thinks paying millions to Pakistan is a jolly good idea as well as yet more cash for savages in Gaza a case of paying the jizya if ever there was one.

Still a Douglas Alexander a weapons grade cunt who voted against letting the Gurkha's settle here in the UK but thinks that you can fund his 2nd home. We even paid to replace items that were lost in a fire, guess the daft cunt did not have home insurance or just figured he would fuck the taxpayers over yet again.

Knowing the grafting Labour MP's it would not surprise me if Douglas was wandering about his home with a tin of paint remover and in an"accident" spilt it and then "whoops!", someone drops a cigarette.

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Pavlov's Cat said...

How very dare you Sir, to suggest he would let something as filthy as a cigarette anywhere near his abode.

It was probably an aroma therapy candle.

Fidothedog said...

Ah but with a cigarette he could claim it was dropped by a passing chav....

Pavlov's Cat said...

no, that wouln't hold up, no insurance company is going to believe an MP is going to let chav anywhere near his abode.

Fidothedog said...

True, they love the urban poor but at a safe distance. Although they do let them to their homes when hiring a rent boy's services for the afternoon....

Budvar said...

Let us also not forget how Gordy sold half the countries gold reserves at a inflation adjusted all time low price, to buy fucking US dollars of all things for fucks sake. Now, India that poor 3rd world country with it's own space program, the 4th largest military in the world and owner of what used to be British steel amongst other things, who is so deserving of our aid and support to the tune of £825 million. Well they just bought 200 metric tonnes(that's 6.421 million ounces @an average price of $1042) of gold from the IMF. Some fuckers need to be taught how to dance the Tyburn jig!!

Anonymous said...

"If India was that concerned about their own people they would spend the money rather than building rockets and nuclear missiles."

What kind of Government would spend money on rockets and nuclear missiles and meaningless wars? What kind of country would do that?

Ours/ yours?