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Lord Fondlebum on Tory toffs.

Now I saw that the grinning New Labour leader(in everything but name), one Lord Fondlebum of Boy delivering his rather limp wristed attack on the Bullingdon Boys.

Yes here he standing there banging on about Tory boys all being members of some club and pretending to hold some moral high ground. Now for those with memories better than a goldfish this peer was kicked out Government, not once but twice. He has had more comeback tours that fucking Status Quo.

A politician who is descended from political stock, the only difference being his was a champagne socialist dynasty; so quite what separates him from the Bullingdon Boys?

Still no doubt it will play well to the braindead who see all Tories as upper class toffs chasing foxes about the countryside.

Best I not mention that in addition to his peerage, Fondlebum has aquired yet another sodding title to stick after his name; yes he is now an Honorary Freeman of the borough of Hartlepool.

2 people have spoken:

Budvar said...

I feel sorry for the people of Hartlpool. I mean come on, they hang a monkey just the once and they're doomed to elect one as long as it has a red rosette, for all time!!

Fidothedog said...

True, so true.