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Rt Hon.Kevin Barron MP knows what is best for you.

Who said this utter arsewater:
We are the state's representative in our constituencies and we should not be frightened of taking decisions on behalf of our constituents, because that is to the general good.
No, you see he has it totally wrong. Not that it matters to him, as like so many of the 646 he thinks that he is just so much better than the rest of us.

He is supposed to be your constituents' representative in Parliament: That is represent their views in the House of Commons and put their interests to the state, over that of any loyalty to party, business interests, assorted quango's and lobby groups.

Still this is an MP who showed himself an utter cunt by voting in an attempt to stop ex soldiers being allowed to settle in the UK.
Who sees it as his right to have tax payer funded holidays.
Who voted to serve himself £24 thousand a year in 2nd home allowance.
An lastly who voted for the odious 42 days bill, the cunt.

No doubt when they decide all this voting is to much for us plebs and proles and that the justice system should be closed down to us mere commoners, this twat will believe it is all our best interests.

3 people have spoken:

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Kevin Barron is a twat, Always has been. Thinks because hes in an ultra safe seat that he cant be unseated( Maltby and Rother Valley since 1983 ) is an ex miner and thinks a lot of himself. Hes grown corrupt on being very safely esconced in his safe seat for the last 26 years, The main pity is that Maltby has always voted Labour for the last 65 years,theres virtually no chance of his going unless the Labour voters stay at home and then the BNP would get in, No one except Labour have any chance in that little pit village/commuter town for sheffield doncaster and the M18

He is a complete waste of space.

Fidothedog said...

So true, off to watch some films. I have however downloaded his expenses an got some gems on this grafting fuckwit.

If I get the time I shall lay into him again an add another section on this post in the morning.

If not then will do it after 5pm.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Barron is, as Henry says, a twunt of the highest order.

He had only ever voted against the party line on issues of MPs expenses and allowances, and ignores letters from constituents who he feels don't agree with him.

Plus there is evidence he has upped the amount of capital on his mortgage, and has paid non-existent companies fronted by his son vastly inflated fees with his expenses