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Quentin Davies bleating on about expenses.

Well Quentin Davies is in the news again, the fat old sheep abusing** MP has been told to repay £658 quid for house cleaning. Needless to say he is not very happy about it.

Davies agreed to pay, but wrote to Sir Thomas to protest at the decision, arguing that it is unfair to impose retrospective limits. After all he is an MP and retrospective limits should just apply to the rest of us not MP's who bleed us of our hard earned cash.

Then he also has a bit of a moan that he can't employ Mrs Davies as his secretary. Still that matters not as the fat worthless cunt MP is not likely to be re-elected to office.
**Quentin Davies MP was convicted of animal cruelty.

I have mocked Quentin and mentioned his ripping off of the taxpayer over his expenses before. See also this and this.

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