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Rise of the New Labour Stasi.

Town hall enforcers with police powers increase by one fifth in a year.
The number of town hall snoopers and private security guards armed with sweeping police powers has rocketed by a fifth in only 12 months.
There are now 1,667 park wardens, dog wardens, car park attendants and shopping centre guards permitted to hand out fines for 'crimes' such as littering, dog fouling and criminal damage.
They may take photographs of the people they have fined, and demand names and addresses. A further 478 civilians have been given the power to stop vehicles to check for out-of-date tax discs.
The hope is that the army of civilians will free police officers from having to perform these unpopular tasks.
But critics said the so-called Community Safety Accreditation Scheme amounted to 'state-sanctioned vigilantism'.
They said it created a third tier of policing, below properly trained police and community support officers.
Simon Reed of the Police Federation said: 'What control do we have over these people?
'They have got these powers and who are they accountable to? That is our concern and the public should be concerned as well.'
Alex Deane of Big Brother Watch said: 'This is little less than state-sanctioned vigilantism. It's even worse than policing on the cheap, it's policing without the checks and balances that we get with the actual police force.

All there to enforce the 3000+ petty rules, regulations and edicts passed by New Labour in 12 years, but most importantly there to let you know that despite your funding their wages they are your boss and they shall be picking your pocket with a large fine. 

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