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Rt Hon Claire Ward MP, the self serving hatstand MP for Watford.

The Watford Observer reports that Watford MP Claire Ward, however, was informed by the Commons fees office that her annual claim for mortgage interest on her London flat would not be paid in full. Oh an its not the first time little Miss helping herself to our money has been attacked by me.

Ms Ward, who claimed £1,400 a month in mortgage costs, was told in March this year that her final monthly claim would be reduced to £1,091 because she had already claimed the maximum amount of Additional Costs Allowance.

Watford MP Claire Ward said she is “not overly concerned” after she was asked to clarify some of her expenses claims. Plus this bit that gives some more details: Ms Ward is one of more than 600 MPs who have received letters, following an investigation into MPs' expenses by former civil servant Sir Thomas Legg.

...The publication of Ms Ward's expenses in June this year showed she had paid more than £100 a month to a cleaning firm to attend her Westminster flat between 2004 and 2008.

She was also found to have used her Additional Cost Allowance, provided for MPs to pay for a second home, to re-carpet the lounge, hallway and two bedrooms of her Westminster flat, at a cost of £1,500, in July 2005.

The Labour MP also spent £300 on vinyl tiles for her kitchen floor in August 2005 and an additional £2,500 on “paint and materials” in October the same year.

Receipts showed that between April 1, 2006 and June 2, 2006, she spent £112 on a mattress, £104 on a vacuum cleaner and £42 on electrical fittings.

Then in August 2007, she paid for a £400 washing machine using taxpayers' money.

The previous year, between July 2, 2006, and August 2, 2006, she also claimed for storage cupboards worth £3,000 and a new sofa and chair, worth £1,500.

Ms Ward claimed £600 for a new mobile phone in 2006 and £500 to a web design company, to “develop and modify” her website in 2005.

Bills for accountants totalled more than £3,000.... OINK OINK OINK!
Thieving lying duplicitous Rt Hon. cunts, welcome to Troughligate 2.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so she's the MP for Watford, but has a Westminster flat? Does that mean she has two places to kip in? Why doesn't she commute like the rest of us ? Cock sucking bitch!

Fidothedog said...

Commuting is just for little people, not the new nobles that call themselves MP's,