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Communist social engineering projects fail under New Labour.

Billions wasted any the poor are still poor, Labour has utterly failed.
Ending the gender pay gap would do almost nothing to tackle Britain’s divided society, the Government’s equality tsar declared today.
Launching a landmark report on inequality Professor John Hills blew a hole in Harriet Harman’s drive to end the pay gap between men and women saying it had little relevance to the wider problem of tackling inequality.
Professor Hills, chairman of the Government’s National Equality Panel, which Miss Harman commissioned, said a person’s family background and class played a far larger role in shaping their future earnings than their gender.
He added: ‘Even if we got rid of the gender pay gap there would be almost as much inequality as there is now because the differences between well-paid women and poorly paid women are almost as great as those between well-paid men and poorly paid men.’
Closing the gender pay gap has long been a feminist article of faith and the report’s findings are a major blow to Miss Harman who has made it one of her key policy priorities.

Another day and another failed policy by the champagne swilling communists of New Labour.

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