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David Pickering £1000 a head champagne socialist, whoring for New Labour.

New Labour toffs mock the poor.

The chairman of the Welsh Rugby Union has apologised for using its e-mail to organise a £1,000-a-plate pre-election fundraising event for Welsh Labour.

David Pickering put a WRU e-mail on invitations to the dinner at Cardiff's members-only Park House Club next week.

Welsh Tories said the WRU should be above politics as rugby was "something that unites the nation".

Mr Pickering said it was "wrong" to use the WRU e-mail address and the "error" was not intended to cause offence.

Guests expected at the dinner on 4 February include Welsh Secretary Peter Hain and First Minister Carwyn Jones.
So lets see £1,000 a head, wonder how many poor people that could help out? Still maybe Pickering could change his name to Napoleon as some animals are more equal than others....

Oh and maybe take Gordon Brown's flaccid cock out of his mouth whilst he is at it. 

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