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A quick handy guide for London's police.

This is a terrorist(ABOVE) and even muslims know full well that the extremist element in their midst is making things worse for the rest of them, as a certain Mr Iqbal Wahhab a "leading Muslim businessman" and Government advisor points out.

"...urged the Government to introduce the controversial policy of 'passenger profiling' - singling out particular groups for security checks at airports or other transport hubs - in order to combat the threat posed from Islamist extremists.

"The stakes are too high to worry about my individual rights," he said. "What about the right not to be bombed?"

So may I ask why the police, who's wages we all fund, are pissing about stopping and questioning children's TV presenters going about their lawful business?

Ever the one to help, I would advise London's finest police farce, sorry force; to stop those citizens who are actively seeking to destroy the British state and not innocent people who's job is entertaining the little ones on Saturday morning. 

I have even put on some words explaining which is which, they might need to get the Chief Cuntstable to read them out to them as one of the words contains more than four letters.

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