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Dr. David Kelly - The cover up.

Pic from Flyingwarpigs. I have said that there was something suspect about the death of weapons expert Dr.Kelly and now this government, that talks so much of open government has decided to bury the facts for up to 70 years.

We keep hearing them talking to us of how if we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear and yet the moment there is the slightest sniff of trouble they bury the facts for 70 years.

New Labour scum from top to bottom.

4 people have spoken:

Ron Russell said...

It does seem that something amiss here. Records sealed for 70 years--my, my! Something stinks.

ashtrayhead said...

Would this be an appropriate opportunity to resurrect this story? 'Blair covering up paedophile scandal'


JPT said...


Barking Spider said...

There has never been any doubt in my mind that Dr. Kelly was murdered by government spooks to silence him - and as for the government stooge, Hutton, he presided over a cover-up from beggining to end. I hope the Tories have the integrity to overturn his ruling and allow the new investigation to proceed - Blair and Campbell should be in the Dock for their heinous crimes.