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Passing the blame.

I see over at Subrosa's place that on Bill Rammell MP has decided that we the public are the ones to be blamed for things going wrong in Afghanistan.

Nothing to do with a lack of policy, wavering leadership, cuts to funding an having that inept cock monkey Bob Ainsworth running the show.

Apparently we are to blame for it all going wrong.

Anyway Bill Rammell MP has been trying to substantiate our military's deployment in wars because he thinks we, the public, 'will become so risk-averse, cynical and introverted that we find ourselves in inglorious and impotent isolation by default.'

In his speech to the Institute of Public Policy Research, he reflects a growing frustration within the government and armed forces that public tolerance for military operations and media-led cynicism at the motives for British military action are undermining the current effort in Afghanistan.

"... Our adversaries, particularly those who cannot match our military, will attempt to outlast us and hope to say our support at home. This is particularly true of the foe we face in Afghanistan."

Now its not the first time this has been said, anyone remember this wise words from the hoon with the tash as Bob blames our defeatist attitude.

Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth has accused the Brtish public of adopting a ‘defeatist’ atttitude to the military effort in Afghanistan.

Mr Ainsworth claimed that troops in Afghanistan were not receiving the proper backing from the ‘home front’ as they carry out their mission to defeat the Taliban.

Had we had this lot in charge in the 1930'/40's, a certain Mr A. Hitler would have walked into London with not a shot being fired.

I could say more but let their own words condemn them, never has a government been more out of touch with its own people than this one.

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Ron Russell said...

It seems those on the left are the same the world over. Many here on the left would have us leave the field to the Taliban, they claim a waste of money, money with which they would flood the ghettos of America and the world with. The progressive thinks every problem can me solved by throwing money at it. Oh yes, and they hate the military who has maintained their freedoms.