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Another Porkie pie from the disaster that is Gordon Brown.

In one go, the clunking gurning mono eye'd PM has surpassed ever his ability to mess things up with a statement that has offended the entire middle east.

Fat and bloated drug addled howling at the moon PM so confused he can not tell the difference between a pig and a cow.
GORDON Brown yesterday sparked fury among Middle Eastern countries after claiming one gave him a roasted PIG as a gift.

He claimed it was a diplomatic present - but pork is FORBIDDEN for the region's more than one billion Muslims and Jews.

UK representatives of the region's 16 countries were outraged at the claim - with Muslims calling his comments "insulting".

The Prime Minister told Piers Morgan during Sunday night's interview on ITV1: "The different governments in the Middle East send huge presents. One was a full pig that had been roasted."

But at the London Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, a spokeswoman said: "No way would we send a pig.

"We'd give something respectful of our culture and heritage."

And a representative of the embassy for Oman said: "It would be seen as an insult."

An Israeli Embassy spokesman said: "Pig meat is obviously not kosher and therefore not a gift we would offer. It's a bizarre thing to say. Was he trying to be funny?"

A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain called it "unbelievable".

And Bashir Chaudhary, chairman of the League of British Muslims, said: "It seems he is ignorant of our culture."

But last night The Sun discovered that Mr Brown's comments were wrong.

Downing Street revealed he was actually given a SHEEP.

So we have a PM so inept he annoys everyone in the middle east, then turns out that yet again the daft fool has got all his facts wrong.

Pic above lifted from GOT's place. This may explain his confusion as he has got his meds mixed up again and of course crying his crocodile tears in a cynical attempt to gather votes...

2 people have spoken:

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Well if he was trying to be funny, it's the one time the clunking fisted mentalcase Cyclopalypse has succeeded. I smirked - until I realised he'd be gracing our airwaves again shortly...

Barking Spider said...

With any luck, they'll put a Fatwa on the ugly fucker!