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New Labour: Barking up the wrong tree.

And Labour have now decided to cancel the so called dog tax. One of the fastest U turns ever from the party of U turns.

Labour dropped its plan to make dog owners buy compulsory insurance yesterday - just a week after putting up the idea.

The lightning U-turn followed complaints from pressure groups that responsible pet owners would be made to pay for the behaviour of a minority.

The plan for compulsory third party insurance, costing owners between £80 and £100 a year, was floated by ministers in a consultation paper last week and condemned by critics as a 'dog tax'.

But yesterday, Environment Secretary Hilary Benn said that compulsory insurance was 'ruled out'.

He blamed opposition politicians for misconstruing the consultation paper, saying: 'Any suggestion that we will put a tax on all dog owners is simply untrue - yet another example of desperate Tory scaremongering.' - In short we fucked up and will claim its all someone else's fault.

Strange as the story in The Times seems fairly clear that they were looking at doggie asbo's and insurance for all. Could it be that Alan Johnson - who once needed rescuing from a dog by a pregnant woman - has yet again fucked up.

The Tories said yesterday that Labour had made a 'political dog's dinner' of its consultation paper. Nick Herbert, Tory environment spokesman, said: 'A dog tax on more than five million owners was proposed last week, and is now ruled out by Hilary Benn in a humiliating U-turn that just proves how tired and incompetent this government has become.'

Nick Starling, of the Association of British Insurers, said: ' Compulsory insurance is always difficult to enforce. The very people that the Government is targeting - those who mistreat their dogs or use them as weapons - are the same people who would not buy cover if it was available.'

Best not trust these lying Labour fuckers, odds on they will impose a dog tax if they ever get back into power. Makes me wonder if half the MP's suffer from cycnophobia.

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4 people have spoken:

Marc said...

Labour's scrambling to find any kind of tax they can. I wouldn't rule out a hike in VAT

418 said...

The insurance was only part of the scheme. There is also the proposal that dog owners need to pass a test: is this part of the plan still on the table?

banned said...

"The lightning U-turn followed complaints from pressure groups that responsible pet owners would be made to pay for the behaviour of a minority."

So why does that argument not win for drinkers?

Curmudgeon said...

It doesn't work for motorists, either. Indeed the whole NuLabour ethos is that everybody has to suffer.