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Tony McNulty his days are numbered...

DEMOCRATIC reform lobbyists are trying to unseat a Harrow MP who they have labelled a benefits cheat.

Power 2010 has been putting up posters across the borough and handing out leaflets accusing Tony McNulty, Labour MP for Harrow East, of “crimes against democracy” and urging residents not to vote for him.

The organisation, which is campaigning for democratic reform, had volunteers out in Harrow town centre yesterday to launch its action against Mr McNulty.

Power 2010 has attacked the sitting MP for championing the contentious ID card scheme, and claim he “isn't interested in integrity” after being engulfed in the expenses scandal.

They are planning a mass leaflet drop across the Harrow East constituency and will be putting up 'wanted' posters with Mr McNulty's images on them.

The Harrow MP is the first of a host of candidates being targeted by Power 2010, which has declared its intention to try to unseat people it believes oppose democratic reform.

An still the fucker carried out fraud and refuses to fuck off from his high office. Mind he has learned the Jacqui Smith style of apoilogising. I have mentioned this worthless lying sack of shit a few times before.

Time for Tony and many other MP's to serve time in jail, hopefully after having had all their assets seized as proceeds of crime.

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McNulty looks like Robert Muckswill: shurely just a coincidence?