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The Rt Hon. John Mann MP is a wanker.

Now as you know I am not a big fan of most of our elected representatives in The Common's, far to often they slavishly follow the party line over the interests of the people.

My attention was brought to the following site: http://www.mannisms.com/category/manstuff/ and the toys being thrown out of the pram by one John Mann MP, who is threatening libel action. Not a good move, especially if he asks the advice of one Paul Flynn MP who lost a case of libel.

Mr Mann claims that the site is libelous and puerile and yet fails to actually detail what is libelous in his letter, strange as one would assume he would have pointed that out.

Indeed I think that what with average MP's popularity being only slightly above that of Gary Glitter, thanks to us finding out about them fiscally sodomizing us on a regular basis; the worst thing Mr Mann or any MP could do is launch a libel case.

I am sure that even the local papers who lazily repost every tractorstat from the local nodding donkey MP, will get a hack to Google the expenses of said MP and dig through the archives for info on that MP.

John laughingly claims on his website that:
I do not profit personally from any of my expenses. I live in Bassetlaw with my family in a house paid for out of my salary like any ordinary person. My house purchase and the repairs and renovations carried out have been paid for by me, not by MP expenses. Indeed because I do not claim on the house I also had to fund from my own pocket the security costs needed after two death threats.
Really? I see forgets to inform the voters that he is having them pay his mortgage interest of £600 per month, just like any ordinary person.
So his claim that he doesn't claim on his house is not exactly being truthful is it! He is happy to claim mortgage interest and yet to portray himself as "any ordinary person". Note that he mentions he does his own repairs, whilst avoiding the big costs that we cover.

Oh but wait what is this? In December 07, John claimed £63.42 on racking. Was that for his office or for his home? Either way we paid for it.

Then we have these items a radio cost to the taxpayer £110 and £169 on a TV, and £239 on shelving; so he is quite happy to stock his abode with goods purchased from our hard work.

But John also seems to have let the £2551.65 paid to Rossington Carpets slip his mind. Maybe he could explain how ordinary person's can also claim carpets back off the taxpayers?

Maybe I am being to hard on John, oh but wait what is this? Each month John is claiming an average of £80/£100 for household requirements.

Hhmmmmmm and I wonder how many "ordinary persons" claim cleaning and food expenses back off the taxpayers?

So time for a repost on Mr Mann, which I put up here

The Mail has a story on how a loophole allows peers accused of fiddling their expenses can carry on claiming the very same expenses. Now I shall leave the assorted graft of the peers for now but instead mention the comments of one MP.

What amused me was the attitude of one John Mann MP, who not so long back had a grumble that the expenses auditor was going too far with regards MP expenses.

John Mann, the MP who has led calls for a thorough overhaul of the allowances system, raised concerns on Sunday that Sir Thomas Legg's audit of expenses had become too broad, and warned that this might trigger lawsuits that could drag on through the ''entirety of the next Parliament''.
Then get this, you will love it. Classic MP double talk. He said about the grafting peers, that the ruling in Lord Rennard's case set an alarming precedent.
'Who do these people think they are? This makes a mockery of standards in public life,'
'There should be a full audit of their accounts in the same way as is being done in the House of Commons.'
Really? Like the audit on MP's you claim is going to far John?

So lets have a look at John Mann's claims shall we(ACA - PDF) Well first off John helps himself to mortgage interest, nothing like a taxpayer funded perk to help pay for the 1st/2nd or maybe 3rd home.

Plus he regularly dips into the MP food allowance of £400 a month, after all why should an MP on £64 grand a year pay for food when we can provide it for him?

Then the only chestnut of cleaning comes up, a nice easy way to grab some extra cash off of us. It amazes me how many MP's are to lazy to shove a hoover about the office and instead make a grab for the taxpayers pocket.
Then we have a bill for racking, £63.42 charged to the taxpayers. Setting up an bondage dungeon John?

The basic message from John Mann MP is how dare these greedy peers steal your money, issue a soundbite for the Daily Mail and sound as indignant as possible whilst doing if not exactly the same; then a very similar bending over of the taxpayers and giving them a fiscal raping.

There is a little bit on John Mann making a tit of himself over at Beware of Geeks. Oh one final point for John Mann, as we pay him £64 grand a year why was he not in his place of work for the vote on the Gurkha's?

3 people have spoken:

418 said...

Mr Mann admits he's a wanker, then: see his letter. At least he's truthful about one thing.

Joe Public said...

Stupid 'threats', particularly from disgraced politicians, seem to do wonders for certain Blogger's sites.

I hadn't realised he was a wanker.

Anonymous said...

how can he "rent" a room in a council flat? He earns more than enough to pay for a private rental why should he deprive those in need of social housing, tell you what bet our tenants would like a flat like his