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PCSO's, useless authoritarian cunts one and all.

Had this one pointed out to me.

Dan Travis was leaving an off-licence in Brighton at 7pm with two cans of Kronenberg in his hand when two community support officers asked him to stop (Rosemary Bennett writes).

“They asked me if I knew about alcohol restriction zones and I said I didn’t,” said Mr Travis, a tennis coach. “They said, ‘We have to stop people who we think are drinking, not just drunk’. I pointed out that the cans were not even open, and they said that didn’t matter because they thought I was going to drink them in a public place. They asked me to pour it down the drain.”

Mr Travis, 37, who was stopped last summer, said he was particularly angered because he could not remember any consultation on the proposed restrictions. “I think they would not have got it through if there had been a meaningful consultation. Apparently, they held a few meetings. Of course, it is a good idea to get drunks off the street, but I know of families having picnics in Pavilion Gardens who have been ordered to stop drinking wine. That’s just ridiculous.”

Buy a legal product and some petty minded cunt with an attitude, a badge and a full on boner from power tells you to throw it away. As I have said before and will again and again and again, PCSO's are a fucking huge waste of taxpayers cash.

Close em down, sack every last one of them and save the wasted millions. Cunts.

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