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The Rt (not so)Hon. Stephen Hesford MP resigns as Government aide for Baroness Scotland.

I notice on Sky that they have his announcement of his jumping ship.
In short he see that she is going down and like the political rat he is, is seeing to save his own arse first. This MP costs the taxpayers a lot of money as his expenses show(PDF) His local papers called him Merseyside's most expense MP: Liverpool Daily and also Wirral News

The sort of self serving political wanker who thinks that getting a bathroom paid for is the job of an MP. In 2005-6 he put through a £5,599 bill for a new bathroom and challenged the fees office when told the most he would be allowed was £3,500. Link to Liverpool Daily story on that.

On this Pdf you will see that he believes it is an MP's right to fuck over the taxpayers for a replacement TV, a new chair and a new carpet.

Typical of his breed he charges us for utilities, cleaning(is he that lazy that he can not push a hoover about his own office?) and of course rapes the MP food allowance to the max.

A typical authoritarian fucker, Hesford likes the idea of ID cards as well as voting to keep the cushy 2nd home allowance for under worked MP's.

Of course he sees his perks as far more important in the grand scheme of thinks than voting to allow Gurkha's to settle in the UK. This odious turd of an MP voted against letting them settle, thankfully the government lost on that.

Lets hope the good voters kick him out on election day.

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