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The Welsh A(rse)mbly to help pubs: Yet anti pub quango boss Don Shenker will be attending.

From Brew Wales.Today in the Welsh Assembly the first formal meeting of the Cross-Party Welsh Assembly Beer and Pub Group takes place. An informal meeting was held earlier in the year to gauge support for the pub and drinks industry in the Assembly and the subjects for discussion today include tax and regulation to the beer tie and responsible retailing. Other subjects on the agenda include career paths in the pub sector, responsible selling of alcohol and the plans in Scotland, and promoting locally-sourced produce.

All 60 Welsh Assembly Members have been invited to the meeting. Speakers will include Enterprise licensee Phil Jones of Fair Pint, who secured a temporary 38% rent cut after a long-running dispute. He’ll discuss “the pros and cons of pubcos”.

Justin Grant, of the Breconshire Brewery, who chairs the Association of Welsh Independent Brewers, is due at the meeting, alongside representatives of larger brewers SABMiller, SA Brains and Coors.

The British Beer & Pub Association and Fake Charity Alcohol Concern are also due to attend. Alcohol Concern have a vested interest in appearing as according to 2007/8 figures 57% of their income came from the taxpayer. No doubt Don Shenker*pictured left and more on him later*, Chief Executive of the Government-funded fake charity will be trying to get some funding from the Welsh Assembly Government at the meeting today for his new fake charity, Alcohol Concern Cymru.

Some information regarding the fake charity Alcohol Concern:
"Alcohol Concern supports banning happy hour, raising the price of alcohol, lowering the drink drive limit, banning glass bottles in pubs, warning labels on cans and bottles and banning TV advertising before 9pm. It described the ban on happy hour promotions as "a step in the right direction" and the introduction of cigarette-style warning labels on bottles as "a very good first step".
Basically they epitomise the nanny state along with everything that is wrong about this country today and would not exist if their Government-funding dried up.

Nine AMs are currently members of the Cross-Party Welsh Assembly Beer and Pub Group, which was formed in June. It is chaired jointly by Nicholas Bourne, leader of Welsh Conservatives in the National Assembly, and Labour AM Jeff Cuthbert.

***my bit on Don Shenker: I have mentioned before the taxpayer funded busybody that is Don. A fear mongering shit spouter of the worst type. Who I described as
"a self appointed New Labour spokesman on all matters booze related. A thin lipped puritan (who has a small cock probably) and who would not have been out of place in the last years of Cromwell's republic, flogging schoolboys who played football on a Sunday."
His fake charity according to its 2007/08 accounts, out of a total income of £903,246, Alcohol Concern received £515,000 (57%) from the Department of Health (£400,000 unrestricted and £115,000 in restricted funds). It received just £4,991 in public donations.

Another classic bit of fear mongering by Don was this on how drinking can leave you open to catching infections.

Why CAMRA and others who love the pubs, real ale and the social pub scene and responsible drinking tolerate that odious little puritan is beyond me? Having Don help the pubs is as advisable as putting Gary Glitter in charge of UK children's homes.

Without public funds to put across his odious puritanic views Don and his piss poor group of quango wallah's would dry up and blow away like old dog turds.

Oh and lastly the Welsh Arsembly should be closed down: a talking shop of 2nd raters, failed politico's, the socially inept, time servers and assorted do nothing fuckwads all happily living off the taxpayers of Wales.


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