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Anyone else spot the error here?...

The Grauniad is happy that a boost in central funding will allow increases in council tax across England to be at their lowest for 16 years.

So lets see, council taxes are still going up. The taxpayers will be paying more for the poor over staffed council services, but the amount will be capped by using their money taken via income tax.

So tax money being used to subsidize another tax is a good thing?!?!

Irony is lost on The Grauniad, they seem to think that taking our tax money, money extorted from us and using it to reduce oh so slightly a rise in tax is a jolly good thing.

Not reduce, oh no but a lower increase. Jesus wept.

There is another way, which is to remove the strangling tentacles of the public sector from every aspect of our lives, cull the quango's, issue many P45's to council workers, send the PCSO's back to the secure accomodation from where they came an they can be happy licking windows all day.

Fewer staff in the public sector = lower bills. Simples.

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