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Michelle Obama and that monkey story.

I see there is a minor storm over some pic on Google showing the President's wife a monkey. Google has even apologised over a racially offensive picture of Michelle Obama which came top of its search results.

Cue media shitstorm and words like shocking, racist and calls for that sort of thing to be banned. Down with that sort of thing as Father Ted said.

A simple Google search on many top figures can find that they have been portrayed in similar ways, George Bush, Tony Blair etc etc. Hardly a peep from anyone over that.

Yet when its Mrs Obama the entire media decides to jump on board the story, in the words of Ali G "Is it cos I is black."

Yet if they want to see an inept ape throwing Nokia phones, picking in nose in The Commons, pant pissing, howling at the moon and who even has a mate who is pictured holding a banana they should look at the inept window licking monkey running the UK.

Okay, its offensive an so I apologise to the ape for being stuck next to the mono eye'd retard Brown.


4 people have spoken:

Corrugated Soundbite said...

There was much staged frustration and upset on the Beeb over this the other day.

They got some "internet content consultant" (WTF?) bloke on to discuss it, who informed the presenter of Five Dead's flagship Marxist drive time show that as this is/was hosted in America, their constitution is a little more difficult to work around.

So lot's of whining and "so how do we police the blogosphere" came thereafter. It was duly noted by a couple of highly unaffected-either-way colleagues that blogs usually don't charge £150 a year for their content.

Comrade Misfit said...

There is a fact, however, that you are glossing over: There is a very long history in the US of white people referring to black people as "monkeys" in a very derogatory manner.

The reverse is not true.

Fidothedog said...

Comrade, very true and I neither excuse or gloss over the folk out there who will play the race card in order to score hits on her.

Its as tiresome as it is predictable. Thing is it is a non story in every sense of the word and a case of tired lazy hacks looking for an "offence" story.

I am sure that Mrs Obama has heard it all before and no doubt will hear it many more times, she makes an easy target for folk out to attack her husband.

Oldrightie said...


Is this the offensive image?