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Rt Hon. Andrew Dismore MP, the rancid trougher for Hendon

Just look at that piggy nose, the small chin and smug face that one could spend many a happy hour punching into a bloody mess; a face that shows all the signs of centuries of inbreeding and many of his ancestors confusing the words sister/brother with husband and wife.

Well Dismal as I shall call him has been making the news over his expenses and is also a member of the Commons Standards and Privileges committee.

Now before I get onto his expenses I shall mention that Dismal voted to protect MP's from freedom of information requests, after all we don't want the great unwashed scum who pay for all his perks finding out how much he blows(in every sense of the word). 

Anyway Dismal claimed £34,000 in second home expenses for a west London flat, which houses his girlfriend’s homeopathy surgery, while designating a property just a few miles away in his north London constituency as his main home.

He then “flipped” his second home designation to the north London property and claimed a further £31,000 after telling Commons officials that the west London flat had become his main residence.

In total, the Labour MP for Hendon split £65,000 in second home allowances between the two London properties over an eight-year period. He also used more than £1,000 in office expenses to pay his girlfriend to do casual work for him.

Yet another case of an MP using our money to pay a working girl, at least it was a woman and not a rentboy or farm animal.

I have laid into this champagne socialist pig before and pointed out how he loves the mass murdering scumbag Che Guevera, a chap who oppressed homosexuals and carried out executions of political opponents. He's also a fanboy of aged murderer Fidel. Still that's the sort of dim witted MP's we have in The Commons, daft fuckwits who sign fawning Early Day Motions for dead and near dead commies.

Yet with regards EDM's Dismoreal is the sort of slow witted buffoon that will sign an EDM against deporting Garry McKinnon to the US and then when it comes to a vote in The House of Commons not bother voting. A case of this inbred wankstain basking in the publicity of the case but then deciding not to bother doing anything of worth like, well voting something he is paid to do. I bet he would have voted if there was some more cash for MP's in it.

The sort of worthless, spineless, gutless sack of shit that can offer platitudes in favour of the troops and then vote against letting Gurkha's who took up arms for this land having the right to settle here.

So fuck the fuck off Dismoreal, the House of Commons deserves so much better than you.

Oh nearly forgot if you are like me, unhappy at Dismal pissing away your cash do drop him a mail @AndrewDismoreMP@parliament.uk

2 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Is there a mold from which virtually all MPs are made? Just asking.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Oldrightie I think a slime mould or perhaps The Blob.