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John McFall MP for Mogadishu West( West Dunbartonshire) - attacks bishops.

John McFall MP, a minor New Labour figure from the land of tundra and Gordon Brown has managed to get in an attack on the Bishops who spoke out on New Labour saying:
"I don't know if at the bishops' palaces there has been too much mulled wine passed around over the past few days."
Well here is a message to John and co. on the Labour side of the House, it is all well and good to smear politicians as that is all part of the great political game but he should really lay off bashing the Bishop(s). 

They have spoken from a point of religion and defending the poor rather than from a political point, a point that maybe they should have taken years ago but better late than never. The fact he has hit back shows this group of Bishops have actually scored a rather valid point. 

His action also shows why I treat Labour and the scum it attracts like John McFall with the complete contempt that they deserve.

Lets have a look at this rather dubious MP from the land of the frozen tundra:
In short he is a cunt.

The Bishops words on the scum that is New Labour can be found here.

Update Prava sorry the BBC, have a piece on this here

Some mealy mouthed words from New Labour quisling Liam Byrne who said "Labour had fought hard to narrow the gap between rich and poor."

If by that he means by making the majority much poorer and throwing thousands a week out of work then he is right.

And Labour MP Sir Stuart Bell, who represents the Church in the Commons, called the bishops' claims "nonsense". Coming from an old champagne socialist like Sir Stuart I am sure they will take his words with a pinch of salt, after all Sir Stuart only sees the poor when he is driven past them at high speed in his state car.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

The likes of Mr McFall should watch what he's saying about religion.

The Labour party in Scotland is dependent on Catholic votes and they think they can take these votes for granted but as members of the Scottish Catholic church have recently been critical of the Labour Party and it's parliamentary members, they'll soon "wake up to a shut eye with a bang".

Fidothedog said...

Anon it will be fun when the election is called, I am sure some religious leader(s) will make a call for all good Christians to vote for anyone but Labour.