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Peter Hain thinks we will fund piss poor policing through higher taxes.

Peter "pitch ripper" Hain appears to think the public are fucking stupid.
Former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain says he believes council tax payers would be willing to pay an extra 2p a day to ensure adequate policing.

The Neath MP spoke out in the row over South Wales Police's budget rise of 5% raised through council tax.

Chief constable Barbara Wilding wanted almost double that figure - 9.8% - and said she was now faced with looking at cutting police jobs.

Mr Hain said the force was being "crippled" by an "inadequate budget".
Well I know Mr Hain has had some experience of police matters(see above), what with his days as a former -alleged- armed robber and having answered questions over slush funds sorry policy forums; but does he really think we are willing to have higher taxes for poor policing.

Look its quite simple if the magical money pot hits empty then start sacking, I am sure that there are quite a few high ranking time wasters at the station who aside from playing solitaire on their computer do fuck all. 

Far better to clear their desks than fiscally rape the taxpayers again. Is the Chief constable serious in saying that there is nothing that can be pruned back, no waste to cut? 

But does Peter Hain seriously expect us to pay more money with no proven results in actual policing, especially when there are lazy fuckers who would sooner play poker than help a member of the public. Now I am not accusing our local boys an gals of that but citing it as an example.

We keep getting these reports of waste on matters that are more to do with - how shall I put this is a delicate manner - more to do with "pc boxticking" than nicking criminals. 
Such as the support offered by Chief Constable Wildings force for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) history month, which takes place every February to celebrate the lives and achievements of the LGBT community. A little bit on this in the local rag. 
Now wave the gay pride flag as much as they like but after spending money to support that, can they then demand more money out of the council tax?
Chief constable Barbara Wilding said:
“Let me reassure the public of south Wales that my intention is always to arrest people, to put them in prison and, to make our communities safe."
Indeed and some of the people arrested may actually be guilty as our local force do have a bit of a "record" pardon the pun on fitting folk up. South Wales police pay out more than £555,000 for arresting the wrong people...
SOUTH Wales Police has paid out more than pounds 555,000 in compensation for wrongful arrests and other civil claims in the last two years, it emerged today.
Plus more payouts.
Six police women, who held senior administrative posts with South Wales Police Authority, have been awarded between £7,600 and £19,000 compensation, in a claim for equal pay for work of equal value.
Six police women, who held senior administrative posts with South Wales Police Authority, have been awarded between £7,600 and £19,000 compensation, in a claim for equal pay for work of equal value.
A seventh woman, Linda Webb, has been awarded an interim payment of about £8,000 pending further reports over the next three months.
Plus back in 1999 we had this:(source)
The Darvell brothers, the Cardiff ThreeJonathan Jones, the Merthyr Two - their names are a litany of shame that will haunt South Wales police for ever.

They are among the worst miscarriages of justice ever witnessed by the British legal system and are likely to be joined later this year by two more - the Newsagent Three and Patrick McCann.

See also The BBC

Could she please resolve these issues before attempting to extort cash with menaces from the taxpayers. 

Although we do have one area of useless fucking time wasters that could be cut to the bone, in fact removed completely and the funds used to pay the police; this is the PCSO's.

Our Community support officers do fuck all of worth and should be scrapped.

PCSO 11: PCSO's and hopscotch crimewave!

**Must remember to not beat myself up after posting this, or be charged with some serious offence based on no evidence what so ever....

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