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Hazel Blears supports St George's Day.

Cabinet Minister Hazel Blears yesterday threw the full weight of the Government behind moves to turn St George’s Day into a national day of celebration.

She wants all schools and public buildings to fly the Cross of St George on April 23 – and is urging civil servants to wear a red rose, England’s national flower, to defy the ‘politically correct brigade’ and display their patriotism.

The intervention increases the momentum behind The Mail on Sunday’s campaign to honour St George’s Day.

It has already received wide-ranging support from public figures including London Mayor Boris Johnson and the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu.

Communities Secretary Mrs Blears said: ‘Local government has a long tradition of supporting celebrations. I hope St George’s Day will be no exception and authorities will consider marking the day by flying the flag.

**Well what a little patriot our red squirrel is, fuck me next it will be British jobs for British workers an she will leave New Labour and join the BNP. 

Seriously does anyone believe that she actually supports that, hell no its put on a smile hold her pc nose and suck up the unwashed plebs and proles. 

Were it down to Hazel she would love St Georges day and all other aspects of imperialistic/nationalist history to be airbrushed out and replaced with bland pc inclusive festivals.

Previous Blears bashing, her shit on nihilism, and hype, then her saying about getting the inspectors to get the feckless up out of bed of a morning, her attempts to spin the sleaze story involving Draper & co.

She has squeaked once or twice before on pc Britain Then there was her spat with tosser George Monbiot and her comment about campaigning being like sex.

Plus that arsing about on a motorbike, an her plans for a kiddie volksgemeinschaft, oh and she was mocked by a Polish plumber for being a dwarf.

Lastly that battle royale between her and Dunwoody

Getting back to St Georges Day, she has not signed any EDM's as yet in favour of that. Also she only makes a brief mention of it, enough for a quick PR spin soundbite and then nothing for the next 364 days.


2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Agreed, this is pretty desperate pre-electioneering posturing.

She doesn't give a damn about St George day especially as being part of a government that has done its best to dismantle English and British culture in it's period of office.

The people are not for being fooled.Our time will come at polling day.

James D said...

I welcome the English Ministry of Planning's support of their national day. Now will they please expletive off out of Wales?