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Margaret Beckett galloping for the speakers job.

Former Minister, horse faced Margaret Beckett is being touted for the Speakers job, plus cushy perks in the House of Commons.

Although Margaret Beckett has enough perks including her making a £600 claim for hanging baskets and pot plants.

And Margaret is receiving round-the-clock police protection and the use of chauffeur-driven cars despite being removed as foreign secretary two years ago.

The housing minister and veteran Labour MP has insisted on retaining a full team of security officers and use of two government cars since 2007 when she was moved from the top diplomatic post by Gordon Brown.

The annual cost of Beckett’s police security is estimated at £250,000, while the cost of using the two cars is likely to increase her total bill to taxpayers by an extra £50,000 a year.

Mrs Beckett, MP for Derby South, was given a grace-and-favour home in 18th century Admiralty House while she was President of the Board of Trade in 1997.

She is believed to have lived there for just over eight years, after the home underwent a £65,000 refurbishment. She then moved to Carlton Gardens for a year following her appointment as Foreign Secretary in 2006.

Mrs Beckett has claimed £106,000 in expenses for a second home between 2001/02 to 2006/07 and has also declared a flat in London as 'residential rented property' in the Commons Register of Members' Interests.

But she has denied making money from renting out the Westminster flat, saying she was simply 'covering costs'.

Covered her troughligate behaviour here, here, and here oh and lastly here

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Catosays said...

It's a one horse race...pmsl

Anonymous said...

why do you detract from an interesting post by resorting to personal remarks about Margaret Beckett.

Anonymous said...

Valleys will she be claiming a gold plated feed bag?

Anonymous said...

Haselhurst would be my choice, but it seems this bitch is going to get it. Hopefully she get's struck by lightening or something. I might send her an umbrella...