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MP Jimmy Hood broke rules on declaring interests.

Well comrade Jimmy forgot the rules...A BBC investigation claimed that a number of members had failed to declare their role as paid consultants or advisers to companies when asking parliamentary questions about issues important to those companies.

Commons rules say MPs must specifically declare any relevant interests when putting questions to ministers in the Commons.

Jimmy Hood, a Labour backbencher who was receiving between £5,000 and £10,000 a year from Scottish Coal, failed to declare the interest when he tabled questions about clean coal technology.

Mr Hood told the BBC that "with hindsight" he should have declared an interest although he insisted that it had been an "innocent oversight" on his part.

Well the term "innocent oversight" is a new one, makes a change from "within the rules" and the classic "done nothing wrong"

Jimmy also likes his freebie perks.

Before April last year, MPs did not have to provide receipts for some categories of maintenance work if each type of claim totalled under £250 per month.
Mr Hood used the allowance to claim back £200 per month for cleaning his second home, and up to £200 per month on “repairs, insurance and security”. He also occasionally claimed money for “service and maintenance”. All but four of this type of claims, submitted over a four-year period, were less than £250, and therefore did not require receipts.

The MP also claimed £400 per month for food, the maximum allowed without receipts. Altogether, Mr Hood was able to use his second homes allowance to claim up to £1,000 per month without receipts or a precise description of work carried out.

In the 2004/05 financial year, Mr Hood claimed £400 per month for food for 11 months and £200 in August 2004, when the Commons was in recess.

He also claimed £200 per month for repairs, insurance and security, and four claims for service and maintenance.
A similar pattern of claims was made in the following three financial years. Mr Hood was recompensed between £600 and £1,000 per month across the four categories of expense without receipts, except on infrequent occasions where the £250 limit was exceeded for service and maintenance. Three of these claims were successful because Mr Hood provided an invoice, but one, for £360.52 in November 2005, was not, because no receipt was submitted.

He also made a series of expenses claims for furnishings and household goods for his designated second home in London. In March 2006, he claimed £1,500 for furniture, including a bed and headboard, and £1,400 for carpets.

The following July, he claimed more than £1,000 for household goods bought at the electrical shop, Comet, including £489.95 for a 26-in LCD television, a cooler and humidifier (£89.99) and a deep fat fryer (£39.99).

A few bits on fat boy Jimmy: He supported an EDM in favour of murdering sack of shit Che. Link to the EDM remembering the death of mass murderer Che but not his victims. Oh he also fawned over Fidel here it in edm 982 - link to the EDM page

Not a surprise to anyone to see that he voted to keep the second home allowance.

Like his idol Fidel he likes the idea of locking folk up and was in favour of 42 days detention.

Jimmy was "absent" for the vote on the Gurkha's in which Labour scum attempted to throw these men out of the UK for good.

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