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Lord Amstrad of E-Mailer: Alan Sugar fails on apprenticeship vacancies.

Oh dear. Still aside from the huge waste of money - nothing new under Labour - this did give me a giggle. Maybe Sir Alan should stick to being an obnoxious little dwarf throwing his weight about on the telly box.

Almost £3million has been spent recruiting just 600 apprentices -despite an advertising campaign fronted by Sir Alan Sugar.

Just one in 25 apprenticeship vacancies promoted on a Government website has been filled, according to figures obtained by the Tories.

It means £4,677 has been spent recruiting each new apprentice.

After his success hosting TV reality show The Apprentice, Sir Alan promoted the website, which is meant to match youngsters with employers.

But only 616 apprentices have been matched to vacancies in the six months after the website went live on January 12.

Over the same period, 17,588 vacancies have been posted. Ministers hope to create 400,000 apprenticeships by 2020.

The Learning and Skills Council said £2.88million had been spent on the Apprenticeships Make Things Happen campaign and Sir Alan had not been paid a fee.

Not paid a fee but he is a well rewarded peer.

Yes he pissed an moaned about Cyclops years ago, but seeing as Labour then got into power Alan decided to donate large "Brown" envelopes of cash to them.

In return for large amount of cash he has donated to New Labour, er his hard work has landed a cushy government contract selling PC's to the government as well as becoming a peer working (not to well) for Gordon Brown.

Amusingly, Sir E-Mailer in an amusing twist of fate is doing fine out of this recession thanks to working for New Labour, oh the irony that he complained years ago about Gordon Brown accusing him of making a profit from the previous recession.

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