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Demon booze causes cancer.

According to the fake charities cancer research and fellow state funded quango alcohol concern. The BBC fails to point out the link between both these organisations and central government that provides most of their funding.

One thing that you hear again and again is the term recommended guidelines. But what you do not hear is that:
Guidelines on safe alcohol consumption limits that have shaped health policy in Britain for 20 years were “plucked out of the air” as an “intelligent guess”.

The Times reveals today that the recommended weekly drinking limits of 21 units of alcohol for men and 14 for women, first introduced in 1987 and still in use today, had no firm scientific basis whatsoever.

After all, how else can Labour push for higher taxes on the demon drink, when data go's against its own lobby organisations. Best get the BBC to forget those facts in its report.

The chief executive of quango alcohol concern Don Shenker said:
"Many people are not aware of the connection between alcohol and cancer, yet as this research shows, it can be a major contributor or cause of the disease.
Not the language, no hard evidence you use terms like can be, or cause.
"While alcoholic liver disease remains the number one killer linked to alcohol, more and more people are suffering from oral cancers - and record drinking levels have undeniably played a part."
Yet no proof has been laid out, no evidence provided. Oh sorry I forgot, this is Labour that runs on fear to push policies.

He said it was time to introduce tobacco-style health warnings on alcohol. No its time that these quango's were closed down and folk like Don Shenker made to earn a crust for their living.

"It's a consumer issue - people have a right to know the full range of health risks associated with drinking alcohol above recommended guidelines. That would be the fantasy guidelines, that were plucked out of the air!?!

"This research will hopefully help people realise the full extent of the damage that alcohol can do, then they're better placed to make informed decisions about how much they drink." - How about leaving people to make their own choices you authoritarian cunt?

I covered their demands before, this fake charity wants
  • Supports banning happy hours. = higher costs.
  • Raising the price of alcohol = higher costs.
  • Banning glass bottles in pubs = higher costs.
  • Warning labels on cans and bottles = higher costs.
  • Along with the use of piss poor plastic glasses, now used in my town centre and another cost that struggling pubs have to deal with.
I covered the fantasy booze levels in depth here.

Prof Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians and chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance(another state funded quango out to do Government bidding) said: "These latest figures demonstrate once again that people are being struck down at ever younger ages with alcohol-related illnesses that they might never have previously associated with heavy drinking.
DK in his ever sutle manner did a bit on the Professors a quick search of fakecharities.org for "Alcohol Health Alliance" throws up such definitely fake charities as Sustain, theInstitute for Alcohol Studies and the Alliance House Foundation(formerly the UK Alliance for the Suppression of the Traffic in All Intoxicating Liquors); all of these organisations are heavily funded by the state which means, of course, that the Alcohol Health Alliance is also heavily funded by the state.

As such, Professor Ian Gilmore is a mouthpiece for the government and should probably have his tongue ripped from his lying head before being hanged by his testicles in a tank full of ravenous piranas. The cunt.
The fucknut continues "There is an urgent need to rethink how we communicate the risks of misuse. The first step is to challenge the widespread notion that the only chronic health damage is suffered by a minority older drinkers."

He also wants prohibition-style laws brought in as he admits.
Prof Gilmore wants the law changed so councils could refuse a drink licence on health grounds.
The BBC also fail to mention that, oh for decent reporting and a media not dependant on sodding government quango's for a major news story!

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