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Insane! Gordon Brown vetoed compensation.

The snot munching PM Gordon Brown personally vetoed an attempt to force Colonel Muammar Gadaffi to compensate IRA bomb victims because it might have jeopardised British oil deals with Libya.

FULL STORY at The SUNDAY TIMES: Documents passed to The Sunday Times reveal how the prime minister took a close interest in a campaign to secure payouts for the 2,500 families of those blown up by the Libyan-supplied Semtex explosive used by republican bombers.
However, Brown refused to help the victims because of government concerns that putting pressure on Gadaffi might lead to Libya withdrawing co-operation over trade and the war against Islamic terrorism.

The documents will cause embarrassment for Brown as he faces new questions over the early release of the convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi.

In a further damaging twist, Jack Straw, the justice secretary, was last night accused by the Tories of misleading the public over the prime minister’s role in talks about the decision to free the terminally ill Libyan terrorist.

The PM's judgement over this is poor, maybe it has something to do with all the pills and potions he is taking to cover his declining mental abilities?

Then throw in Lord Fondlebum having a meeting with the Libyan leaders son and this whole situation looks ever more dubious and sleazy. Hell even Woy Twatersley made a piss poor attempt to defend the mono eyed leader. Whilst my local expense fiddler/proven liar and MP Paul Flynn did his bit to defend Cyclops.

I mentioned back in Sept 08, that the mono eyed one was thinking of inviting Gadaffi to London to chat about oil.

Update on our insane Gordon Brown who has been exposed thanks to the Sunday Times as being the man who personally vetoed Libyan pay outs to the victims of IRA terrorism. Libya shipped Semtex and arms to the IRA for several years from 1985.

Now in typical Gordon style he has gone from manic to depressive phase and done a u-turn, he now declares that he now backs the bid for IRA victims to gain some compensation from Libya. How wonderful that our policy is decided by the loony Browns mood swings and what ever pills he is on this week...

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