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Increasing unemployment is good news.

The Labour MP Jim Knight proudly announced that:
"These figures show a significant slowing in the rate of increase of unemployment"

You chuffing what Jim, what is that utter arse gravy that your top bottom emitted then? WTF is that supposed to mean then Jimmy boy?

Unemployment went up by 88,000 during the three months to August to 2.47 million. So according to Labour logic, more people losing their jobs is good news and the rate at which taxpayers are having their lives ruined is slower than it was before; an in Jim logic slowing bad news is in fact good news.

Well I am sure that 88,000 more people signing on, 88,000 more people worrying over finding work, paying bills and struggling to manage will think Jim Knight an utter sack of shit.

In the same period public sector non jobs, thats bean counters, diversity wallah's, non jobs with clipboards who produce nothing, generate no wealth and increase council tax bills actually went up by 13,000. Yep even more pen-pushers, quislings and beak-noses who staff the council offices, quango's and find ever more ways to increase their numbers, raise taxes and oppress the people they are supposed to serve.

Unemployment is going to pass 3 million under this worthless shower of shits, it will be the jobs lost in the wealth creating private sector that pay the price, an that is good news to nobody; well maybe Jim Knight thinks it is but then he is a cunt.

Mind you this is the same Jim Knight who voted against the Gurkha's, the same twat in a hat who rapes the taxpayer for trinkets and expenses.

A chap who's website is littered with spelling mistakes and the same dip-shit MP who bleated on about the dangers of Facebook whilst having hundreds of frends on Facebook.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

Thought this seemed familiar

unemployment good for you says Labour

Will Dave be brave enough to swing the axe through the quango forest and also against the local Councils who have extended their brief into areas that are none of their concern with staff to match, Climate Change Officers, Gender and Equality Outreachers, 5 a day Twats, and the like ?

Fidothedog said...

That is the problem, cull the quango forest and it throws another million out of work.

Although it saves billions.