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Shat West, sorry Nat West get back to me.(part six trillion ish...)

Just had another mail from my former bank:
Dear Mr Goddard
Thank you for your further e-mail.
I am sorry to note that you have decided to close your account with us.
Stephen Dix
Rather short and so I figured this was worthy of a reply, so I sent them this:
Were you, as you claim sorry, you would have got back to me by Friday.
This is in reply to my last mail to them. Oh and their first email, which arrived on Saturday the day after I closed my account with them.

Now the reason I closed my account with Nat West was due to them attempting to rape me with over £60 quid in bank charges. I even made it clear to them on the Tuesday, that they had till Friday to call me and offer some resolution to the problem, some of the much talked about but sadly not seen "helpful banking".

Now this charges fiasco, is sadly not the first instance of them showing a complete lack of customer care, empathy, pointless box ticking and quoting rules from auto-cue script reading drones in their UK call centres. I had some fun and games with regards their home insurance.

Anyway all the previous posts I have done are here::Nat West utter cuntmonkeys
Nat West - your shit an you know you are(video)

Mind you, I am not the only one not amused by Nat West:

Sadly that was not just a one off incident as this one shows:www.thestar.co.uk/action/Bank-is-ordered-to-improve.4906660.jp
Thanks to GOT, yes I know I nominated them: isacunt.blogspot.com/2009/08/nat-west.html
Not really a complaint this one, but worthy of a look as it mocks their advertising:blindedbybullshit

5 people have spoken:

Damon Lord said...

What the hell? Is that supposed to be some sort of apology?

In essence: "We are sorry you are leaving us."

They were really thinking: Like fuck we are sorry; there goes someone with sense, let all the other customers who are too scared of someone in a poorly designed uniform stay so we can rape their accounts.

Damon Lord said...

And that's three people you've had e-mail you now about your complaint. Three people, for one complaint. Three! (I repeated it three times, in case any NatWest staff are reading; they need things repeating over several months for them).

Why does it take three people in an office at NatWest House, 225 Shenley Road, Borehamwood, to take so long to even start trying to answer a complaint?

Do they play pass the parcel/complaint?

This is why they are raping customers' bank accounts; to pay for at least these three salaried stone-wallers, if not more of them, including Anna 54287 [yes, she gave that as her surname, as she said she wasn't allowed to give out her real name], who didn't even know what a CEO is, and Anisha who just said "No" a lot in an obstructive way when I phoned the office that should be dealing with complaints.

Fidothedog said...

Damon, yes I noticed that as well. Its much like every division in Nat West is a separate company within a company.

So everyone who deals with something, is in effect the first person to see it.

Having had a few fights with banks before, I figured that I would publicise their crap attitude, poor service and utter inability to liaise with customers with either spouting bullshit or talking down to them.

Now even though I have finished with Nat West, I have by no means finished with my dealing in reporting on them.

I figure having been shafted by their home insurance as well, they still owe me the best part of £300 notes.

Oh I added a few of the pics to the Nat West page on Facebook as well :-)

banned said...

Some while back Radio 2 had an article about a chap who was contracted by NatWest to roam the interweb looking for scurilous articles about themselves. He was paid 'per find' and will think that Christmas has arrived early if he finds this !

I had a similar saga when arguing with BT about why I should pay for an unrequired landline when all I wanted was internet. Their eventual response was " because we say so ". Only after I fucked'em off did I get a call from Broadband Complaints who seemed to take an interest but by then it was to late for BT and they are history.

Fidothedog said...

No need for them to pay him a copper coin, I mailed them last month an gave them a link.

Told them I would be reporting online on their poor service.