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A quick message to the 646 grafting cunnys in The Commons.

Hat tip to Gigits for the pic of Ann Widdicombe throwing her toys out the pram.

I have seen certain Rt Hon. cunts er members pissing and moaning on the telly about having to pay back some expenses, stolen monies from the taxpayers of this fair land; well my heart bleeds it really does.

Not happy with 80 odd days paid holiday a year, free travel, mortgage interest payments being covered, free food allowance, travel allowance, trips to whatever place abroad you can claim is "work related", sticking the wife or some inbred dribbling retard of a relative in a cushy job as an adviser that we also pay for; you now bleat on about the legality of retrospective payments.

Well you have sat about, taxed us, passed illiberal laws, let our age old rights be eroded and in the main 99.9% of you have done little or fuck all about it.

This article shows you cost us £150 million a year - and thats just what we know about - and I think that you are all very poor value for money. 

So far I have seen one Stuart "how dare the newspapers expose us" Bell(end) and Ann "who will mow my lawn?" Widdicombe, on the telly box complaining, and my message is quite simple:
I note that it was the Rt Hon. members who passed retrospective legislation on road tax for 4X4 vehicles, however one rule for the plebs and another for grafting, hand in our pocket MP's.

As for Bell(end) in the photo. I think he happens to be a grafting, inept, slithery self serving cunt of the 1st order who voted against letting Gurkha's who took up arms for this land settle here.

An MP who designated his 2nd home as a flat an claimed £1400 a month rent an yet who thinks we should do nothing for ex soldiers.

A cunny who is happy to call have the police called in to look into the Telegraph exposing MP's graft and yet not a peep from Bell(end) on calling in the fine boys in blue to nick thieving MP's? Strange that.

Mind this illiberal fuckwit also voted for the piss poor 42 day lock up the dark skinned folks, or anyone with a Koran bill.

Oh and the little matter of that vote to cover up MP's graft that Sir Stuart Bell(end) also voted for,

I really hope someone stands against this fucker as an independent on the "Anyone but the bloated waste of space Stuart Bell(end)" platform.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

What happens when a family in receipt of Working Family Tax Credit are overpaid by the crappy system that Labour invented ?
They have to pay it back, straight away or face interest payments and gaol. SIMPLES MPs please note.

Fidothedog said...

Are yes, forgot about that awful tax credit system that costs a fortune to administer.