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Peter "pitchripper" Hain on the BNP.

Did you read that Peter Hain is to make a formal complaint to the BBC Trust over the appearance of the British National Party leader, Nick Griffin, on BBC1's Question Time?
This follows what insiders described as a "robust" meeting between the Secretary of State for Wales and the show's executive producer, Ric Bailey, during the Labour Party conference. "Mr Hain said yesterday: "I fundamentally disagree with the BBC's decision. I fully understand why colleagues feel they have to appear, but I certainly wouldn't appear with a racist, fascist representative – I think it gives them legitimacy."
After all why would people consider voting for the BNP Peter, when they see MP's voting to keep their cushy 2nd home allowance of 24 thousand quid a year when many voters find it hard to keep a roof over their heads.

When they see politicians let off for "technical breaches of the regulations" after running what was a slush fund.  Who then apologize for running a slush fund and yet still see high office as their right.

When after 12 years of constant tax rises and spiralling crime, a politician claims the answer is higher taxes in order to fund policing.

When a politician even charges the public for their log store.

After all we have had Peter doing his posing with regards the BNP and yet he refuses to debate with them, then complains to the BBC? Anyway can you imagine how awful it would be if Britain was run by Fascists?

They'd make sure everyone carried identity papers and you'd be arrested if you failed to show your papers to a policeman, a policeforce that would question people over taking photos in public places, a policeforce who would be armed with stun guns and two handled billy clubs useful for beating up demonstrators or just passers by.

Due process would be stripped away in order to be replaced by a system of fines doled out by poorly trained state officials; much like the PCSO's currently used under Labour. 

Then they would be granted the right to intern suspects without charge for months and if anyone spoke out against the government they'd be arrested as "terrorists".

Databases on everyone under the guise of saving us from paedophiles,  monitoring of every citizen by CCTV, the government would use Ripa to snoop on your emails and phone messages. They would even employ people to watch your bins for the wrong sort of rubbish, whilst bin men ignore the rules and throw it all in together. Who knows they might even start putting microchips in bins to check up on us.

Of course they would need your DNA just in case you might break the law and no matter if your innocent, once your on the DNA database that's it.

Vote for the wrong party, or disapprove of some aspects of government's social policy could lead to being forced out of business, losing your job or even your kids. Fire the wrong joke or comment about the elite and the result would be the same. 

Then we would see the state slowly spread into every aspect of peoples lives and propaganda would come in so many forms that the average individual would hardly notice it any more. Age old freedoms and rights would be removed, who knows they might even stop you smoking in public houses? Whilst those who deviate from acceptable standards of behaviour would be punished by being deprived of health or welfare assistance.

State media would be parroting government spin and lies.

Gosh who knows they might even decide by some committee process, which chosen party members are going to stand in areas for election.

Then they might even fake documents and lie their arses off in order to start wars abroad.

Heaven forbid they might make an election pledge, say on a vote on Europe and then when elected not give the people a voice.

Remind you of any party other than the BNP?...

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